Mobile Power


Product Description

UCE Group offers cost-efficient autonomous electricity generation solutions that supply power to energy end users who cannot easily connect to grid power.  The Autonomous Mobile Power Generation (AMPG) system can provide power where it is needed most – at those locations that are far from the grid or experience frequent power outages.

During daytime the system converts solar energy to electric energy and delivers the energy to end users. Surplus energy is accumulated in an energy storage unit. A diesel generator is used as stand-by power source and can also be utilized to maintain the energy storage charge level.

AMPG is a scalable and mobile power generating and storage system that utilizes renewable energy sources.  This is a hybrid system that employs multiple sources of energy production and accumulation to ensure smooth operation and cost savings.  The advanced solar technology drives the effective use of the system both in southern and northern latitudes.  As a result, the solar power plant can generate around 110 to 210 MW*h of electricity per year, depending on location.


Key System Components

  • Photovoltaic power generation system (solar panels)
  • Rechargeable battery pack that provides stable system operation and smoothes out peak consumption
  • Hybrid inverter
  • Automatic control unit that manages all system components and provides remote system monitoring
  • Charge controller
  • Standby diesel generator

Advantages of AMPG

Cost savings:  the electricity produced by the solar power plant of the AMPG system can save up to 250% of the cost of electricity, depending on location.

High measure of reliability: the lack of moving parts in the solar and energy storage parts of the system minimize the risk of mechanical damage, which ensures a high level of no-failure operation.

No noise: when in solar mode, the system is completely noiseless.  AMPG can be deployed close to areas with noise restrictions.

Ecological performance: when in solar mode, no harmful emissions are released into the atmosphere. Therefore, the overall impact on the environment is reduced as is system’s carbon footprint.

Long service life: typical period of no-failure service of the key solar system components is more than 25 years.

Ease of operation:

  • the renewable generation system is virtually maintenance free.  The minimum required maintenance can be performed by personnel without special qualification and consists of periodic cleaning of the panel surfaces.
  • the utilization of the diesel generator is minimized, so are its repairs and required maintenance.
  • system performance monitoring can be conducted via remote access.
  • operating costs are minimal and the impact of the human factor is significantly reduced.
Parameter Technical Data
Total Capacity up to 208 kW
Solar Installed Capacity up to 108 kW
Diesel Generator Set Capacity up to 100 kW
Energy Storage Capacity 20 kWh
Unit Dimensions (shipped) 12192 mm x 2380 mm x 2900 mm.  (x2)
Unit Dimensions  (deployed) 60m. X 12 m. (720 m2)
Unit Weight ~ 35 tons
Operating Temperature -40°c   –   +50°c
Ground Pressure (shipped) < 0.2 kg/cm2
Ground Pressure (deployed) < 0.1 kg/cm2
Key Components
  • Polycrystalline solar panels (PV)
  • PV panel mounting systems
  • Inverters and charge controllers
  • Diesel generator set with control system
  • Diesel generator set ventilation and exhaust systems
  • Energy storage
  • SCADA system
  • HVAC, lighting, and fire alarm systems