Our focus is on adding value to the supply chain with weak points that we can address. Logistic solutions, project finance, and marketing are just a part of our offer.

Our job is to supply the most cost-effective and appropriate fuel just in time, when you need it, whether a spot volume on a coaster of a long-term contract.

We know how important a speedy and on-time delivery is to our clients, which is why, after managing hundreds of thousands of tonnes, we have gained the experience to deliver efficiently and on time.

UCE Group LLC has long-term agreements with several high-quality suppliers of Industrial wood pellets. We trade industrial wood pellets with ash content below 1,5%, average NCV 17 GJ/tonne and higher, having unique quality control always complying with buyer needs.

Our dedicated team handles every part of the supply chain from the plant in the country of origin to delivery at the customer’s warehouse.