At UCE Group we invest in the development and operation of commercial real estate and renewable energy generation, as well as storage facilities across the United States and internationally. Our mission is to capitalize on our combined real estate and energy experience to deliver optimum value to medium-to- large-scale real estate developers by installing money-saving renewable energy systems.

Moreover, UCE Group invests in development of solar energy and energy efficiency systems for commercial and industrial clients in the United States. Below is the summary of our key activities on a typical solar energy and energy efficiency project.

Access to up-front Capital: we provide up-front capital required for a renewable energy and energy efficiency system.

Expert Deal Structuring: we bring in partners to allow the deal to benefit from Federal and State Investment and Renewable Energy Incentives to lower the total costs of the project.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction Project Management: we monitor project activities to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery. Based on the needs of our client, we design an optimal system configuration and:

  • conduct full technical and economic feasibility analysis,
  • generate system draft and schematics,
  • ensure full adherence to key rules and regulations,
  • select and purchase necessary equipment,
  • conduct system installation turn-key.

Operations & Maintenance: we organize ongoing system monitoring and maintenance to maximize system’s performance and output.

We propose to conduct a preliminary scoping and feasibility analysis and are excited to offer you potential solutions that deliver value for you and your real estate. Please send message and our specialists will contact you.