The main aim of the collaboration between UCE Group LLC and our Supplier is to create a long-term partnership that meets the interests of both parties.

UCE Group LLC provides our Partners access to the European market in the most convenient way. We create an effective supply chain between manufacturers and our customers in Europe.

To achieve a competitive price, we analyze all factors on which the final price depends and, using our original methods of mathematical modeling, create the best solution for our Partners, taking into account planned demand in different European locations, the availability of pellet sources and existing infrastructure of ports, rail, and roads in the US and Europe.

As we grow, we are sourcing new potential suppliers. We go through robust and rigorous checks to ensure that the producer complies with the European Standards, that they can meet our supply demands, and have suitable quality control measures in place.

We are looking for partners ready to supply wood pellets fully suited for bulk transport, free of contamination and material amounts of extraneous material, free-flowing, and suitable for grab loading and discharge.

Please complete the form below to get our Request for Proposal if you are interested in becoming a pellet supplier to the European market.