Our mission is to spread clean and sustainable energy to everybody and everywhere. We work hard every day to provide high-quality and consistent products at a competitive price.

UCE Group LLC was founded in 2014. We are an independent company specializing in trading and transportation of biomass products such as wood pellets, wood chips, and torrefied pellets. We are experts in creating supply chains between manufacturers worldwide and final users in Europe most effectively and conveniently.

To achieve a competitive price for our customers, we analyze all factors on which the final price depends and, using our original methods of mathematical modeling, create the best solution for our Partners, taking into account planned demand in different European locations, the availability of pellet sources and existing infrastructure of ports, rail, and roads in the US and Europe.

Our digital ecosystem of partners can respond to changing customer demands and disruptive forces, making supply chains more resilient and sustainable. Integrated business planning, transport, and warehouse logistics, product innovation, and customer collaboration are key factors of improved supply chain operations management.

Our key customers are converted coal power stations, lime & cement kilns, and fully converted or co-firing biomass with coal, peat, and heating markets located mainly in Northern Europe.

We understand the importance of a high-quality product, consistency, and supply reliability in today’s market.

Our job is to supply the most cost-effective and appropriate fuel just in time, when you need it, whether a spot volume on a coaster of a long-term contract.

We have existing agreements with high-end producers who are satisfying our present demand. As we grow, we are sourcing new potential suppliers to create long-term partnership relations to ensure compliance with the European Standards and our ability to meet our customer’s supply demands in high-quality products. Our dedicated employees work in the countries of origin from which we source to support this.

UCE Group LLC is your turnkey solution for wood fuels.